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Our Professional Pet Groomer Cares for Your Pets

Are you looking for a pet groomer for Beckley, WV? If so, visit Holley Day Grooming. Since our full-service dog grooming business opened in 1977, our goal has remained the same. Our dog groomer’s goal is to care for the pets of our friends and neighbors. From baths to deshedding to nail trims and filing, our pet groomer provides the services your furry friend will love.

For more information on our services, or to schedule an appointment with our dog groomer, call (304) 252-8370.

Holley Day Grooming Offers Quality
Service at Affordable Rates

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Give Your Pet a Relaxing Bath at
Holley Day Grooming

Pets who spend their day in mud come to Holley Day grooming for a bath. Our caring dog groomer provides your furry friend with a relaxing bath. From flea baths to allergy relief and more, our dog groomer can help your pet. Let us know if you need a relaxing bath for your pet today at Holley Day Grooming.

You Can Trust Our Deshedding Services
in Fayette County, WV

As the seasons’ change, your pet may need some deshedding work done in Fayette County, WV. At Holley Day Grooming, our pet groomers pride themselves on providing safe deshedding services. Our groomer uses top-tier deshedding products and gentle techniques to make your pet look and feel great. Residents throughout the region come to Holley Day Grooming for Deshedding Services.

Our Dog Groomer Provides Full-Service Dog
Grooming to Beckley, WV

Holley Day Grooming is proud to provide full-service dog grooming to residents in and around Beckley, WV. When you choose us for your dog and pet grooming needs, your pet will get a complete spa treatment. Dogs that visit our pet groomer experience loving, pampering care. From pawdicures to calming facials, our pet groomer can provide relaxing services for your furry friends.

Choose Our Pet Groomer for Nail Trims and Filing in Raleigh County, WV

Nail trimming and filing can prevent broken claws. It also protects you and your furniture from scratches. Holley Day Grooming is proud to provide nail trims and filing for pets throughout Raleigh County, WV. Our dog groomer uses the best-in-class tools and gentle techniques for effective filing and nail trims. Your furry friend will receive the utmost care at our facility. Bring your pet to Holley Day Grooming today for nail trims and filing.

Contact Holley Day Grooming Today

If you are looking for a pet groomer, give Holley Day Grooming a call today. Our professional dog groomers pride themselves on effective care for your pet. Customers throughout the region trust us for pet grooming, full-service dog grooming, baths, deshedding services, nail trims, filing, and more. Give us a call during regular business hours to see how our dog groomers can help you.

Contact Holley Day Grooming when you need a pet groomer
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